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Why Choose Us?

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       We have Specialist knowledge (BBC TV background) in Professional Audio Engineering - to technically enable us to 

    Help / Supply / Work with you, including the following

 Technical Specialisations :-

  • Professional Television Production Engineering (BBC / ITV / Independant)
     (including 15 years with BBC TV Broadcast)
  • Specialist Technical Analysis & Optimisation of Complex Sound Systems within Concert Halls, Theatres and Church Buildings  (Full Facility coming soon)
  • Professional UHF Radio Microphone Frequencies / Systems Engineering
  • Government / JFMG & Licencing Systems Requirement Services
  • Complex UHF Radio Microphone / Multiple Frequency Use Software (re. RF Intermodulation problems)
  • Professional Sound Systems Engineering
  • Festival / Event Technical Production
  • Working with Acoustics within difficult Buildings / Churches & Technical Engineering solutions
  • Installation of Induction Loop Systems within Buildings to latest BS7594 / EN60118-4 technical requirements
  • Specialist / Corporate Installation Engineering
  • Systems / Gain Structure Engineering
  • Consultation Services to Professional Event Organisers
  • Consultation Services to Cheshire County Council CWaC / Corporate / Theatres / Schools / Churches / others

For our Professional Sound & Lighting  -  Production Rental  Clients :- 

              We provide Technical Services and Equipment including Professional Sound PA Reinforcement Systems  -  Lighting Systems  -  Stage Foldback Systems  -  Power Distribution  -  Communication Systems  -   Video Projection  -  Video Conference & OB Event facilities   -   plus we can also provide complete Technical Production Management for Shows & Events

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        VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd now specialise in using d&b Audiotechnik Q Series FOH Systems  /  Yamaha Digital Sound Desks / Sennheiser Radio Mic Systems to provide World-class Professional Event Production Services  ~  which when combined with our BBC TV Broadcast Sound background   ~  will provide Promoters, Media Companies and Event Organisers with the best possible Solution for your next Professional Concert or Event

           Working with your team, we will provide tailored Technical Solutions designed to meet & exceed your requirements / Production Riders for your various Shows & Events  ~  these will then be combined with our renown attention to detail  ~  and all supplied at competitive rates.

           For both Indoor & Outdoor Events we can provide Long-throw, High Power FOH Systems, complete with up to 14-way On-stage Monitor Systems including IEM, Power Distribution, and Theatre Comms Systems

           For Corporate Events we can provide compact, dynamic, High-fidelity Systems that take up little space and sound stunning.

            We supply a wide range of very high-quality Professional Sound equipments, and complimented by a range of Stage Lighting Systems & Production (through to complex Intelligent Lighting Systems / Video Conference & OB Event facilites by arrangement)   ~   and all tailored to meet & exceed the needs of our Clients  -  and match the Production Riders for different Shows & Events.

             Experience the 'VIENNA Audio Advantage' and call us today on  01829 781522  -  or e-mail us on  rental @  to discuss your next Production requirements.        (just remove spaces in e-mail address re. spam)

For our  Equipment Sales & Installations  Clients :- 

                Important note :    there are lots of absolute cheapest price ‘box-shifter type’ companies set up to sell you equipment, who have little or no Professional Production experience   ~   and where we differ from them is the many years of Professional / Broadcast experience we have had in putting different systems into different environments through our Specialist operations.

               We therefore know what will technically work best in your environment, how to correctly set it up  ~  and so how best to achieve your individual Technical requirements

               Also, unlike a lot of other companies, we are not tied to one set of Manufacturers.    We do have our preferred equipments, but these are based on our years of BBC Broadcast / Production experience  ~  meaning that we always supply the right product, properly set-up, and at the best possible price / performance for your particular requirements

               We can supply Professional Audio and Lighting Equipment from just a single Microphone or Stage Light, through to specialised equipments designed to provide tailored Solutions for your specific requirements   -   from Digital Mixing Desks  /  Specialist Loudspeaker Systems  /  UHF Radio Mic Systems  /  Stage Monitoring  /   Multicores  /  Drum Screens & Mics sets  -  through to Professional Digital routing Solutions and much more...


        All our Sales & Installations Systems / Equipments include our Full Professional Aftersales Service during Manufacturer's Warranty, plus Client 'Lifetime Support' Service afterwards.

        Also included in our VA Professional Aftersales Service  ~  is that we may be able to loan our Clients a Hire-Stock replacement unit (if your unit needed repair and you had an important Event on this weekend)    (Box-shifters are not interested in Aftersales / or getting you out of a fix at short notice)

       We are here to fully look after all our Clients in the long term, and take care of all your Technical needs as a truely ' One-Stop-Shop ' solution for all our Clients!


         ... Plus we offer you such Fantastic Value  -  and so much more than just a ‘Great Price!’ :-

         Full ' Professional Aftersales Service' for all our Clients  
-   including our Hire-Stock replacement Service (if your unit needed repair and you had an important Event on this weekend)    (Box-shifters are certainly not interested in local Aftersales / getting you out of a fix at short notice)

          Client 'Lifetime Support' Service  -  Lifetime Support re. Technical Advice / Servicing / Repairs after your warranty period has run out

          Professional Sound Rental Department   -   if you require extra Specialist Sound & / or Lighting Equipment for your Events

          Specialist BBC trained Staff   -  we have experience up to Full TV Broadcast standards to offer you Expert Technical advice  -  and help you achieve your requirements  -  during every stage of the process

          Committed, sympathetic After-Sales Service

          Technical Helpline & Free Support  -  Call us on:- 01829 781522

          Christian staff  -  who understand your Corporate & Christian environment

          15+ Years of Professional Broadcast experience

          On site training available


 Call our Helpline NOW! for the Best Value Sound Eqpt Deals in NW England!

               Call our Direct Office number Now on : -  01829 781522

                   or e-mail us on :   office @      (just remove spaces in e-mail address re. spam)

                           .... Plus we're locally based to you!


Examples of Production Client’s Testimonials :-


                  Thank you for doing a wonderful job at our Festival.  I heard several comments that the quality of the sound was really excellent.


                        ….Thank you again for doing a really good job  -  I appreciate your detailed and thorough approach to getting it right and providing excellent quality.


Deri Fabian

Chesterfest Coordinator

Abbey House
Abbey Green




                     ... Just to say thank you very much for all that you did, not just at the Sunday Service, but over the entire Festival Weekend, vis a vis the superb Sound System.

                           Like the foundations of a house, one can rather take it for granted, but the public conveying of messages is a crucial part of our Event from beginning to end.  Without clear audibility it would be a disaster.

             Again, many, many thanks for all your efforts and attention to detail.

Kindest Best Wishes,

Rev. Paul Barrow

St. Peter’s Church


For details of our  Professional Equipment Sales  Department   ~

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For details of our New (dedicated)  VIENNA Audio for Churches - Installations website :

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© VIENNA Audio™ and Vienna Audio (UK) Limited

All Rights Reserved / Unauthorised Reproduction is Prohibited / Website © 2016
© VIENNA Audio™ and Vienna Audio (UK) Limited

All Rights Reserved / Unauthorised Reproduction is Prohibited / Website © A R Jones 2016
© VIENNA Audio™ and Vienna Audio (UK) Limited

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