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About Us

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                    We are a Professional Sound Production & Lighting Company with a
BBC TV Broadcast background  -  specialising in the supply of High Quality Professional Audio and Lighting Systems for :  
                Corporate Events  /  Theatres  /  Live Music Production  /  Special Events  -   serving many Promoters & Christian Organisations  - through our :   Production Rental  /  Sales  /  Installation Departments. 

             Having worked with many Named Artists  -  in more recent times such as Jools Holland in the Rock n’ Roll world  -  thro’ to Leslie Garrett in the Classical world  -  we can cater for most genres of Event serving the professional Production Industry.

          Within the Christian world  -  we have experience with many Named Artists  -  such as Graham Kendrick, YFriday, Noel Richards - thro’ to more rap-style artists such as bandwithnoname etc    

          The Director of VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd  -  Alan R. Jones  -  through 15yrs of working with BBC Television  -  has a wide range of experience from doing Sound for shows like Top of the Pops  /  Radio One In-Concert  -  thro’ to (being classically trained for 10yrs) working with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra covering Concerts for Radio 3  -  thro’ to doing TV Broadcast sound for programmes such as Match of the Day  /  Blue Peter  /  Children in Need etc  -  plus too many other TV Studio & OB Broadcasts over 15yrs to mention!

          We therefore bring a wealth of experience to your Events, and would be delighted to discuss any and all aspects of your Production  -  whether large to however small  -  to help you achieve your technical and artistic goals for your Special Events

 Production Rental

             Through our Production Rental Dept.  -  we have experience of large Music and Conference Events  ~  through to Theatre & Music Shows  ~  through to Outdoor Events & Festivals.

           We can supply complete Professional (Industry Standard) Concert Sound Systems, plus FOH Desks & Control Systems, & trained Production Crews  - through to smaller Event / System Solutions  -  to suit a wealth of different Events and Occasions  -  and all providing the same high quality / high performance Sound & Lighting Solutions to suit any Production.

           We only use the Highest-quality Production Equipment (eg. d&b Audiotechnik Q Series / Yamaha Digital Desks / Sennheiser Radio Mic Systems / XTA / BSS / MC2 / A&H / HK Audio / Shermann Audio / Lab Gruppen / Yamaha)  -  tailored to meet the needs of our Clients & their requirements  -  to suit the many different types of Events we service.                        

       Be it High quality Theatre Productions  -  through to Outdoor Festivals & Events  -  we can provide Long-throw powerful FOH Systems  -  plus complex on-stage Monitoring systems  -  to ensure our Production Rental equipments meet all the needs & requirements of your Events        

        For Corporate Presentation & Entertainment Events  -  we can provide compact, dynamic, high-quality Replay and FOH Music Systems that take up little space and sound stunning.

        We can also provide smaller Audio-Visual Presentation Services  -  as well as Conference & Music Event Lighting to suit your Event  -  plus we can also supply Distributed Sound Systems that can cover large and small areas alike with clear, intelligible speech.

Installations Dept     

        Through our Installations Dept   -   we advise & install Specialist High-quality Sound & Inductive Loop Systems into Buildings & Churches  -  from simple compact Sound Systems for Sound reinforcement & Replay  -  through to complex, Specialist / Zoned Speech & Music Systems for multiple building uses


Sales Dept

        We also have a great Sales Dept  -  where we offer specialist Technical help & advice on a whole array of Professional Sound Equipments  -  suitable for many different applications  -  from simple Portable Systems  -  through to Hi-tech Solutions designed to fulfill a wide range of applications  -  and all tailored to your specific requirements.


             We are here to technically serve you in all aspects of Professional Sound, Lighting & Production requirements

                To give you an idea of our background  -  here’s a picture of one of the
BBC (Network Radio 1-4) Studios regularly used for over 15yrs by the Director of
VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd

BBC Manchester - Studio 4  control cubicle   (in 2003)

....and finally About us!


        you may be wondering how we got our name of : VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd?!


             ...well this comes from a combination of the Director of VIENNA Audio who comes from Austria and was originally brought up in Vienna (Capital of Austria!)  -  hence VIENNA,   /  and for most of his life has worked for BBC Television as a Broadcast Sound Engineer  -  hence the ‘Audio’ aspect!

                                                  ....hence - ‘ VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd ‘ !

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All Rights Reserved / Unauthorised Reproduction is Prohibited / Website © A R Jones 2016
© VIENNA Audio™ and Vienna Audio (UK) Limited

All Rights Reserved / Unauthorised Reproduction is Prohibited / Website © A R Jones 2016
© VIENNA Audio™ and Vienna Audio (UK) Limited

All Rights Reserved / Unauthorised Reproduction is Prohibited / Website © A R Jones 2016
© VIENNA Audio™ and Vienna Audio (UK) Limited

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