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Our Team

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Our VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd  -  Operations Team



Alan R. Jones  -  Managing Director

Ex-BBC TV Broadcast Sound Engineer for 15 yrs   /   Founder of VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd     
has 2 degrees, and enjoys all aspects of Professional Audio & Technical Production  ~  also called by God to serve Him, and attends a charismatic church in Cheshire!

250 - Studio  feb 2010    408KB


Robbie Dixon  -  Live Sound / Systems Tech

087A - VA  Rob D   march 08   250Kb



Kevin Yates  -  Installations Engineer

(awaiting photo)






Angela Riley  -  Live Sound / Sound Tech

337A  VA  Angela Riley   250Kb



Graham Wilman  -  Live Sound / Sound Tech

(awaiting photo)





Ed Mason  -  Live Sound / Sound Tech

333 - VA  Ed Mason   88Kb


Matt Webb  -  Live Sound / Sound Tech

334 - VA  Matt Webb   81Kb


Rob Tracey  -  Live Sound / Sound Tech






Ben Carson  -  Lighting / Sound Tech






Richard Naylor  -  Installations Engineer






Julian White  -  Installations Engineer







Administrative / Office / Legal :-


Hall Livesey Brown  -  Chartered Accountants, Tarporley



Andrew Avery  -  Company Secretary



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