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Tech Specs

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Technical Specifications for  VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd

Large Scale  /  Professional Concerts & Events

FOH Loudspeaker Systems:-

d&b Audiotechnik Q Series FOH System - complete with d&b D12 Power Amplifiers, Processing, & Flyware

also available, (4 Way Fully Active / Long Throw System)
 (v high-quality) Shermann Audio ‘R Series’ Concert System:-

 Shermann RS5 Long-Throw Concert cabinets / or Line Array System

 Shermann R118B Concert subs 18" cabinets (32Hz @ -3dB)


FOH System Infill / Stage Fill / MD / Delays etc  -  HK Audio (Active) / Shermann Audio Pro Systems


FOH Management:-

d&b Audiotechnik D12 Processing / XTA DP226 / Ashly Loudspeaker Management


FOH Power amplifiers:-

d&b Audiotechnik D12 Power Amplifiers / MC2 / Lab Gruppen / Chameleon Power Amplifier racks


Main System Desk:-

Yamaha Digital Desk 32ch (up to 64ch / 16 Sends to stage, with full Dynamics & Eq)  /  or Allen & Heath 44ch Desk (Latest GL Series) 10 Aux’s / 8 Groups / 4 Mute Groups / Enhanced 12 x 4 Matrix / Comms - with up to 8x separate Foldback / Stereo In-Ear Monitor feeds


Ancillary Desks :-  Allen & Heath MW14/4/2 Desk / 16/2/DX Desk - (32ch Linked) with up to 6x separate Foldback / or Stereo In-Ear Monitor feeds etc


FOH Control:-

XTA GQ600 FOH 2 x 31 Band Equalisation

Lexicon MPX-1 Reverb

Yamaha REV500 Reverb

TC Electronic D-Two Delay unit

BSS DPR944 Parametric Compressors

BSS DPR944 Freq-conscious Gates

Yamaha GQ2015A 2 x 15 eq


Foldback Equalisation:-

BSS FCS966 2x 31 band Equalisation

Yamaha GQ2015A Eq


Foldback Systems:-

Apsm 15" RCF/B&C Monitors (as Martin LE400)

Shermann Audio Stage Monitors

HK Audio (Active) Systems


Foldback Power Amps:-

Lab Gruppen 4-channel 3Kw

Yamaha P Series



Sony Mini-disc Rec / Replay

Panasonic CD player


Power Distribution:-

63A Theatre Distribution System 1 :-

63A Input / 4 x 32A RCCD / 6 x 16A RCCD / 13A RCCD Voltage / Current / Earth Metering

63A Distro System 2 - 63A - 2 x 32A RCD / MCB

various 63/32/16A Mains cabling to match

various 16/13A Mains cabling to Stage feeds


Microphones:-  (Industry Standard)

Shure Beta SM91 & AT ATM250 Kick drum

AKG C4000B’s Condensers  (Studio Vocal / Grand Piano / O/H’s)

AT 4041’s & 450’s Condensers  (Instruments / O/H’s)

Sennheiser e604's (drum kit)

Sennheiser e865  Vocal Condenser

Shure SM58’s / SM57's

Beyer M201 etc


Radio Microphones:-

Sennheiser G3 Series pro UHF (Frequency Scan) Hand Held

ATW1600 & 1400 Series pro UHF Hand Held / Lapel / Headset


Multicore Systems:-

80m Kelsey Super-JTC Drum System

80m Kelsey Super-JTC Systems

various breakouts / looms


Mic Stands:-

K&M 210 boom & drum stands


DI Boxes:-

BSS / EMO etc


Control & Mic cables:-

Starquad (BBC spec)


Communication System:-

Stonewood Audio:-

Master base station (2ch)

Stage end station

Canford Comms H/p's


Motorola Radio comms


Tour Grade Flightcasing



Lighting Systems:-

Complete Concert Lighting System available - inc MAC 2000 & 700’s / Avolites & Jands Vista T2 Ltg Desks / Litec Trussing etc  -  Please see our Professional Event Lighting section for more details

                          Please click here for more details...  Professional Lighting Rental


Lighting Desks:-

Zero 88 Desk / Elation Ltg Desk / Elation Professional DMX Software


Lighting Truss :-

LITEC QX30S Trussing / LITEC Flyware sets / Powerdrive Hoist mounting sets


Intelligent & Generic Lighting :- 100+ Lanterns (fitted with GE 575W / GE WFL / MFL / NSP 500w Lamps)

Elation Intelligent (moving) Lighting units

ETC Source Four Zoom Profile Theatre Lights

Par 64 long nose

Par 64 Floor


Dimmer Packs:-

Anytronics 6 Ch x 10A / Soccapex

Anytronics 6 Ch x 10A / 15A


Effects lighting / Star Cloths :-

Pro Star Cloths

DMX controlled Architectural LED Lighting


Stage Backdrop System / Ltg Stands:

Black Stage backdrop cloths / Truss / Stands system

Powerdrive Hoists & Ltg Stands




32A Singles

16A Singles



LEE Specials


plus various ancillaries

               Please contact us NOW on  01829 781522   -   or e-mail us with your requirements on :   rental @      (just remove spaces in e-mail address re. spam)  to discuss how we can Professionally help you achieve your Production requirements for your Event 

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© VIENNA Audio™ and Vienna Audiotechnik (UK) Limited

All Rights Reserved / Unauthorised Reproduction is Prohibited / Website © A R Jones 2015
© VIENNA Audio™ and Vienna Audiotechnik (UK) Limited

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